Enterprise Journey Mapping Part 1: Creating a Current-State Map

The Norman-Nielson Group provides a simplified example of a customer journey map — in this case, the journey of “Jumping Jamie” who needs to switch to a different mobile plan.

What is an Enterprise System Anyway?

How Does an Enterprise Journey Differ?

An example business process map.
Example section of enterprise journey map. More details about the components in the map to follow!
  1. Defining the Scope and Focus of the Map
  2. Planning the Research
  3. Conducting the Research
  4. Creating the Draft Journey Map
  5. Validating the Map for Factual Correctness
  6. Socializing the Map

Defining Scope and Focus of the Map

  • Restoring power to customers when there is an outage
  • Approving a loan application
  • Configuring a conveyer to powder-coat a new part
  • Completing a medical appointment with a patient
  • The current business process (actions, activities, tasks)
  • The roles involved in that process
  • Touchpoints (tools, devices, information)
  • Pain points (inefficiencies, gaps, and redundancies)

Types of Roles

Role “swim lanes.”

Additional Map Elements

  • Context (environment, location)
  • Portions of the process performed outside the system (for example relying on paper or spreadsheets)
  • Process failure points
  • Current performance metrics or quotas
  • Relevant legal regulations
Example current-state map including roles, tasks, touchpoints, pain points (broken down by role), and additional notes.

Planning the Research

Engaging Stakeholders

Recruiting Participants

Additional Research Considerations

Conducting the Research

Creating a Draft Journey Map from Your Findings

Checking for Factual Correctness

Socializing the Current Journey

Next Steps


Picture of the book Object Modeling and Flow Diagramming for Designers.




Principal UX Designer & Partner at Blink UX • Crafting better enterprise experiences since 1988

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Heidi Adkisson

Heidi Adkisson

Principal UX Designer & Partner at Blink UX • Crafting better enterprise experiences since 1988

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