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  • Raquel Luís 🪁

    Raquel Luís 🪁

    UX Designer & lifelong learner. 🤓 Focused on developing my skills in Usability & Design Systems. Interested in calligraphy, sound design, music & education.

  • Julia Nascimento

    Julia Nascimento

    UX/UI Designer at Millennium Bcp Bank in Portugal — Figma Advocate

  • Jacob Beltran

    Jacob Beltran


  • Jonas Goddeeris

    Jonas Goddeeris

    Conversion Specialist, UX, Analytics

  • Bill Sundberg

    Bill Sundberg

    Senior Product Designer, HBO Max. Flower Farmer, J & B Produce Report. Husband, Jill.

  • Alysha Jivani

    Alysha Jivani

    curious ux designer & researcher who loves transforming abstract concepts into tangible user flows and observing how people use and get confused by technology

  • Gustavo Callegari

    Gustavo Callegari

  • Trần Thúy Vân

    Trần Thúy Vân

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